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three tough mice

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1three tough mice Empty three tough mice on September 5th 2012, 4:03 pm


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Three mice are at a bar, having drinks, talking about how tough they
are. The first mouse slams down a shot of booze, says, "Let me tell
you how tough I am."
I spot a trap and go for the cheese. When it snaps, I snatch the bar
and bench press it 20 or so times and before it can close I'm outa
there!" and he tosses down another shot.
The second mouse slams down a shot and says, "You think that's tough?
When I find a pile of d-con, I crush it and snort it like it's
cocaine." With that he throws down another shot and slams his
shotglass on the bar.
The first two are staring at the third mouse, waiting to see what he
has to say for himself.
He fires down a shot of booze, throws down his glass and heads for the
door. His buddies look at each other, then at him and say, "Hey, where
are YOU going?"
The third mouse says, "I haven't got time for this shit, I need to get
home to screw the cat."

three tough mice Death-1

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Good stuff.

three tough mice Iqenv4

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