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The 4 "Be's" of getting promoted in the clan! PLEASE READ!

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The other Leaders & I have been getting a lot of questions about "How do I get promoted?". Fair question, so I thought I'd explain it quickly here.

The 4 Be's that you need to remember:

BE in-game enough that at least a few of us can play some rounds with you and get a sense for what kind of player you are and how you "run". (Show why you like the game!)

BE decent to other members & respectful of each individual. If douche-like tendencies are shown - don't expect any promotion. Remember we're all fom different areas and backgrounds. Keep it light.

BE on the site/chat often enough that the clan is familiar with who you are your sense of humor. Also be willing to give input to clan stuff if asked.

BE patient!!! Leader/Moderator/Sr. Members roles are likely to be filled completely soon. If you're not in the mix and are still 'green' when the dust settles - remember - things can change pretty quick. Look where we all were not even 3 months ago! Hang out, BS with our exceptional band of brothers here & have some fun in game. When the time comes, if the 3 "BE's" above are happenin', you'll be promoted. Simple as that.

Meantime - thanks from me personally for hangin with Blitz & me!!

I truly like every single person in this clan & will do anything I can to make it what you all want it to be. Just lemme know!!!

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Im still the same rank I was 3 months ago !!!! Sad But honestly fellas, I feel there are SO many deserving members in this clan that no matter who we promote there will be a qualified members not getting promoted. Like my brother Bob said , be patient and your time will come. I am a prime example of that. I was RoT for nearly a year and near got a whiff of a leadership role although I was super active on line and in game

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