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joining U&V

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1joining U&V Empty joining U&V on February 21st 2013, 11:48 pm



Games You Own: Black Ops.____ MWR____ MW3____ Black ops 2.___x___

Your current game of choice:black ops 2

In-game name :A_UnIqUe_Man

How did you hear of us :recomended by TheVOID

Ally Code/Nintendo ID :A_UnIqUe_Man


Current KDR :1.47

Gun of choice: Assault Rifles

Perks of choice:Dexterity Scavenger Lightweight

Core or Hardcore:Both

Favorite map:Standoff

Noob tubin/RPG, Glitchin and Hackin will get you banned immediately, UNDERSTAND ??? :yes

RPG's are forbidden with the exception of shooting down heli's, UNDERSTOOD ??? :yes

Our RPG ban includes Grim Reapers & War Machines. They're considered RPG's and are hence banned. If you get 1 in a care package you need to waste it/change it. UNDERSTOOD??? yes

Multi-clanning is forbidden. CLEAR ??? :yes

Email address:Loganrusch70016@gmail.com

Previous clans (if any) and why you left ? :none

Usual times online in-game? _3pm_:3am__

Have a mic?? yes

If the above rules are not followed at ANY time for ANY reason you will NOT be accepted into our clan!!!!

This is a mature clan and drama or disrespect to a fellow clansman will get you kicked as easily as playin like a noob. We are better than that and above such dirty handed game play.

We also respect ALL Call of Duty players online and we require mature behaviour in all game lobbies. While wearing the U&V clan tag in online gameplay, KIND & RESPECTFUL behaviour is required.

If you agree to the above requirements, please join us in the chatbox to set up a tryout. ** PLEASE NOTE - YOU MUST HAVE A MIC TO SCHEDULE A TRYOUT!!! **

2joining U&V Empty Re: joining U&V on February 22nd 2013, 1:31 am


Too young bud

3joining U&V Empty Re: joining U&V on February 22nd 2013, 10:52 am


You're free to visit here as much as you'd like & get acquainted teen. We do have a 20+ age limit, but I'm sure our BO2 players will happily run with you.
Hopefully we'll see you here again soon!!!!!



Founder -  U&V

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