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death ruler's app to U&V

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1death ruler's app to U&V Empty death ruler's app to U&V on June 5th 2011, 5:54 pm


Games You Own: Black Ops
In-game name :death ruler

How did you hear of us : the activision thread ( i think it was on activision im not really sure)

Your FC :0996 5688 1091

Age (Min. 20): just turned 20 almost a month ago :D

KDR : my old wii fried so im using new account so idk yet im only level 2 right now lol

Gun of choice: mp5k

Perks of choice: ghost pro slight of hand and second chance

Mode of choice: tdm

Core or Hardcore: core

Favorite map: firing range

Noob tubin, Glitchin and Hackin will get you banned immediately, UNDERSTAND ??? : yessir

RPG's are forbidden with the exception of Gamebattles and shooting down heli's, UNDERSTOOD ??? : yeah

Our RPG ban includes Grim Reapers, they are a rpg and are hence banned, so if you get 1 in a care package you need to waste it/change it or something

Multi-clanning is forbidden, CLEAR ??? : yes

E mail address: jaredjholmer@aol.com

Previous clans and why you left ? :first one i've been in

2death ruler's app to U&V Empty Re: death ruler's app to U&V on June 5th 2011, 5:55 pm


Looks good...hop in chat so we can chat

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