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The beef has been reveiled between EA & THIRD PARTIES VS Nintendo

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EA upset with Nintendo for not blocking used games? Possible pressure from EA for Sony and Microsoft to follow?

EA has been pushing hard for locked games to an account as happens with Origin and your PC.

Nintendo likely agreed with this initially and then backed out at some point in 2012. Then EA removed all support from Nintendo, purposely gimped their first few games to get what they needed to back out of contractual agreements for various titles.

MS and I'm sure Sony have already agreed to this. MS is just first to comment directly on it while Sony simply dodged the questions.

This very well may be the only reason Nintendo gets screwed by 3rd parties... or at least those that greatly want to force the removal of the used gaming market.
-Superchunk from VGCHARTZ forum.

***Majority of gamers agree that the real reason why THIRD PARTIES removed support of Wii-U is because of Nintendo REFUSED to block USED GAMES

***What this also means is that the Wii-U will definitely have a hard time receiving future DLC's


All I can say is WOW...... I'm glad they said no because we should be able to buy used games and play them......


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